Here are our top 6 recommendations that you got to explore while at Oxford. You cannot just miss creating memories at these wonderful places.

1. The Oxford City Center

The Oxford City Center Before you start your tour at Oxford, an ideal spot to get a whole view of the city will be Carfax Tower. It is the tallest, and no building in this area can be constructed higher than it. Earlier during the 14th century, it was known as St. Martin Church. While at Carfax, other places you could have a glance at includes the town hall, St. Aldate’s Church, and Modern Art Oxford for stunning modern and contemporary art.

2. Radcliffe Square

Radcliffe Square or Radcliffe Camera Named after Dr. John Radcliffe is the famous Radcliffe Square, a place used by many filmmakers for shooting scenes of movies. The square in the centre of different universities, libraries, and churches.

3. Sheldonian Theatre

Sheldonian Theatre Fall in love with the age-old Sheldonian Theatre, which was constructed in 1664, and restored in 2008. The beauty of this theatre has made it an ideal venue for hosting concerts, conducting lectures, and also theatrical performances. Apart from all the entertainment purposes, it is also used for the university’s special annual events.

4. Oxford Castle

Oxford Castle and Prison Embrace the historical heritage while you walk through the enormous corridors and walls of Oxford Castle. From 1071 to 1996, this castle was used as a place to confine prisoners. Today, it has been opened to the public for people to learn about the past through re-enactments and displays. Apart from learning about the past, another highlight that will leave you awestruck is the climb to St. George’s Tower that gives you a 360-degree view. Later you can also explore the 900-year-old stone chamber that is beneath a building.

5. Cornmarket Street

Shopping at Cornmarket Street Who does not love shopping? Because we all do. Wouldn’t you agree? From window shopping to adorning yourself in your favourite product and satisfying your taste buds, gratify all of your fantasies with your visit to Cornmarket Street, Oxford. It is a pedestrian precinct, with shops and stalls on either side. These shops consist of food joints, bakeries, apparel, souvenirs, accessories, and banks.

6. Restaurants

Restaurants Treat yourself to a wide array of cuisines to suit your taste buds during your day out at Oxford. From fine dining to affordable eateries, relish your favourites while enjoying the ambiance. Some of the recommended choices you could try including Oli’s Thai, The Magdalen Arm, Old Parsonage Hotel, The Oxford Kitchen, Arbequina, Brew, Elan Café, Curator’s Coffee Gallery, etc. As far as you will have actually seen a wide variety of places, Oxford being one of the largest places spending moments and creating memories is worth the punch of time.