Moving off to college is one of the most exciting times in the life of any student! You ‘re not just feeling your newfound freedom. As a first-time college student, managing your new normal while balancing learning, studying, socializing, and even sometimes working, can be a challenge. Trust us, we know that this can be quite a lot. Choosing whether to stay on campus vs. off-campus is one of the main concerns facing college students. Each scenario has its advantages and disadvantages and we are we’re here to help you weigh your options and make the decision that’s best for you. So, let’s get to it and take a look at student accommodations.

Student accommodation in UK

Students can look over different types of student accommodation.

1-On-Campus Accommodation: 

Let’s be upfront about living on-campus especially when you’re a fresher. Some universities require first-year students to live in student dorms to ease their transition into college life.

*University Halls

The university hall offers the basic facilities. While some universities do offer their students dorms; other universities do not have these facilities. In fact, some dorms are overpriced and are not ideal for your needs. Off-campus students don’t have to deal with inconveniences such as having to share restrooms with many people or waiting to use laundry spaces.

University halls are usually reserved for first-year students but note that these are comparatively more expensive than the other options and you may be asked to opt for 1 year non-breakable fixed term tenancy contracts.

2-Off-Campus Accommodation: 

Compared to on-campus this option is more numerous, and students can apply for off-campus accommodation at any time, depending upon their conveniences and comfort.

* Private rental rooms and houses

A private house refers to renting an entire house/apartment or private rooms in a shared house for yourself. This is probably the best choice if you want a private space. Students usually share a house with several housemates depending on the size of the property. They are usually in an environment with a high concentration of students, but can also be part of different areas.

* Private Halls

They are similar to university rooms, but are privately owned and open to all students. So, you have the advantage of meeting people who are studying in other colleges in the city.

Benefits of living Off-campus:

Off campus housing offers you more flexibility and therefore provides a broader variety of budgets. There are plenty of reasons students would consider living off-campus so let’s dive in.

*You will be more independent-

One of the biggest perks of living off-campus is freedom — and isn’t that what every college student really wants? As a college student living off-campus, there’s no such thing as Wardens and Resident Assistants (RAs) to tell you what to do. Instead, you can come and go as you please.

* Choose from a Variety of Floorplans– When you venture off-campus, you can choose from a variety of different apartment floor plans and configurations. Whether you want to live solo in private student accommodation or with roomies in a two, three, or even four-bedroom apartment, off-campus student housing gives you options.

* Many Options Comes Furnished – A lot of off-campus apartments offer partially furnished or fully furnished housing, so you don’t necessarily have to purchase a ton of furniture. Just decorate your new home however you like to make it as unique as you.

*Privacy, Please- A major pro of living off-campus is privacy. If you move off-campus, you get plenty of privacy and you can choose whether to live alone or with your roommates.

Finding a budget-friendly student accommodation:

Now that you know all about living on-campus and off-campus, which living situation will you choose? If you do decide to pursue off-campus living, then Househat has your back with properties that are vetted specifically for housing college students.

Wherever you’ll be studying in Oxfordshire, let us help you find a bright affordable clean room with great social and study spaces, safe and calm surroundings, and of course, proximity to campus. Cheers to a great school year!

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