The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on our lives. Many of us are faced with difficulties that can be stressful, upsetting, and trigger powerful emotions. Safety measures like social distancing are vital to stop COVID-19 from spreading, but they can make us feel lonely and isolated, as well as cause anxiety and depression.
It is important to remember to engage in healthy leisure activities throughout this period of social isolation and quarantine. It’s okay to get sucked into Netflix, TV, video games, and social media. This is the list of recreational activities that can freshen up your mind during this lockdown.

• Sports – Health Benefits

Physical activity is well known to be beneficial for health, but are you aware of all the ways that sports can help you? The heart is a muscle that must be exercised! Playing sports regularly can help to improve your cardiovascular system’s overall health. Heart disease, stroke, and diabetes are all minimized by having a healthier heart. Regular exercise has also been linked to a lower risk of mental issues including stress and anxiety.

• Gaming – Stress Reliever

Over the last year, video games have developed into an increasingly important source of entertainment for many people. Video games can be a safe and enjoyable way to improve our emotional awareness and coping mechanisms. The recommended games to relieve the stress would be casual games that can be picked up and played for a few minutes, and then put down again. Games with a Clearly Stress-Relieving Component, some games are made specifically to teach players how to better control their stress. While some games aren’t as popular as some of the others, they can be highly helpful for stress management. Games that can build brain power or skills, the advantage is that they can not only enable you to divert your attention away from what is bothering you, but they can also help you to develop cognitive function skills that may help you handle problems and stay organised in your daily life—skills that can help you relieve stress!

• Cooking – Sense of achievement plus sharing with friends, strengthens the bond

If you consider cooking to be a hassle, it’s time to reconsider. Cooking, for example, is credited by mental health specialists with aiding in the relief of stress, anxiety, and its manifestations, such as eating disorders. Cooking, like music or art therapy, has become a popular kind of behavioural therapy in treatment centres. You must be engaged and present in order to prepare an excellent meal. You’ll need to taste things, make rapid decisions, and adjust the heat as needed. It’s a calming, thoughtful activity with simple, attainable goals

• Watching movies – lightens up the mood, zone out for a bit

Cinema has often been one of the most powerful kinds of art, and it may be able to help you forget about your troubles. It has the potential to transport you to a different universe with entirely new personalities. Watching movies allows you to let go of your emotions. Even those who have difficulty expressing their feelings may find themselves laughing or crying while watching a movie. Going out to theatres to watch movies is not possible at this time but you can always watch Netflix. Whether you watch movies at home or in a crowded theatre, the results are the same – watching movies can be beneficial for one’s mental health.