The UK is one of the most popular study destinations in the world, and each year tens of thousands of students enrolled in universities to live, learn and work in the capital.

Despite being one of the most expensive places in the world to live as a student, Oxford more than makes up for it by offering stellar education and networking opportunities, excellent transport, culture, travel and entertainment.

According to International Student, aside from university fees, rent, groceries, and entertainment are often the three most significant student expenses. This is dependent on where you shop and stay, as well as how much socializing and partying you plan on doing. A solid budget and knowing your financial limits will help keep you within budget every month. Fortunately, there are also ways to make living in London more affordable on a budget:

1. Avoid Tourist Traps

Save money and time by steering clear of all the major tourist traps and explore the road less travelled in some of Oxfords parks, beer gardens, lidos and galleries. There are also loads of cheap shopping opportunities with bargain cafes and boot sales around the city.

2. Travel light

For all travel in the City of Oxford, Trains, Buses and Trams, there is a dedicated SmartZone style Oyster card that you can order free of charge online. Then top up with the amount you would like to spend, in the same way as the London card works.

3. Get a bicycle

Oxfords public bike-sharing scheme is a great way to save cash. It is a great way to keep you healthy also.

4. Choose accommodation wisely

Distance from your university and travel budget will play a big role in helping you narrow down your oxford student accommodation choices. Rentals right in the centre are priced than the outer areas but will put you close to several universities and colleges, so you’ll save on travel costs.

5. Use your tech

Downloading apps to help you budget and shop smarter is the best way to save cash while living in Oxford. Stocard enables you to load up a bunch of loyalty cards into one convenient app and allows you to make purchases using loyalty points. Yolt helps you link all your bank accounts into one convenient dashboard to help you budget.

6. Flash your student card

Plenty of restaurants, bars, retailers and entertainment spots will offer great student discounts, and discount providers like UNiDAYS can help you find the best deals.

Shopping smart, researching discounts and spending wisely, will ensure you not only have money in the bank for a rainy day but can even treat yourself when the mood strikes! Affordable Student Accommodation under £650 a month in oxford