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Are you a landlord looking for a fixed rental income? If so, we’re the company for you. With Househat, you get a guaranteed monthly income on time every month even if the property is empty, and in the process, receive an income without any of the stresses involved with letting out a property. We take on all the risks that come with letting out your property.
Our Guaranteed Rent solution offers landlords a fixed and reliable rental income each month, even if the property is empty. We cover the costs of void periods and rent arrears and ensure you will receive your rent when it is due, each and every month.

Stay Assured with Guaranteed Rent for Landlords

For as long as your agreement is in place, you’ll receive a fixed rent every month. We will cover all costs during the vacancy period and will be responsible for the property until a new tenant is found. The rental agreement starts on a set date, meaning you won’t have to worry about not receiving rent while searching for a new tenant. We cover all tenant complaints and concerns, handle the eviction process if necessary, and take care of any legal fees incurred along the way.

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How does it work?

Here at Househat we have created the ultimate revenue stream for landlords. We completely manage your rented property; from marketing, vetting and selecting a tenant, to our ongoing involvement during the tenancy. This will allow you to take comfort in your rental revenue, as we provide a steady monthly income throughout the length of the lease. We have developed a unique relationship with our landlords that focuses on efficiency, longevity, and trust.

We’re the UK’s leading Guaranteed Rent provider and have been offering our service for over 2 years. We now have over 90 locations in the UK and are a part of AIPP, which gives all of our landlords peace of mind and the assurance that they are dealing with an honest, reputable company. With over 200+ landlords already enjoying a guaranteed rental income from us, join us to the path of financial freedom.

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