Winter is here! Let us welcome the chilly mornings and breezy evenings by sipping a cup of hot chocolate and delicious delicacies. Say hello to the colourfully decorated streets, fun activities and entertainment for the holiday season, candid walks with your loved ones, a bonfire with music, and peaceful sleep.

As we prep to deal with the temperature drop by sporting some warm outfits, it is also necessary to have a cosy home environment, as it is a place, we will be spending most of our time. Along with winter, the holiday season has begun. Various festivals are approaching – Christmas, New Year, Twelfth Night, and Epiphany. This calls for creating a comfortable and decorative place.

Remember the last time you were at home, with your family and decorating the place during this time of the year. I’ am sure you miss it! But we can always relive and recreate even though away, bringing in the feeling of love and joy. We at Househat have put together some exciting ways to brighten your homes and add some light to your life. But before we head to the different ways that will surely be fun to execute, let us know a bit more about Househat.

Househat is a specialized housing provider for International students and working Professionals in Oxfordshire. The accommodation provided by Househat is sure to make you feel at home and to add that extra charm, here are ideas you could try.


During the winter, there is nothing better than wrapping yourself and sitting by the fire. To create an area that is warm and cosy by adding blankets and cushions. Opt for colours like red, green, yellow, gold, sky blue that bring in a sense of liveliness and cheerfulness. Add some fur and knitted items to add to the beauty of your cosy area, where you can enjoy chit chats, movies, or even a hot chocolate.


To give a captivating touch, adding lights is an advisable choice. You can go in for pendant lighting, floor or table lamps, and fairy lights to add that extra cosy touching to create different moods. We would recommend going in for fairy lights as they are affordable and easy to style. You can put them on the doorway, stairways, and window, or even from the end to the other of the wall. To bring the Christmassy feel, pair these lights with some holly, fur, ornament, or socks.

Scented candles are another exuberant way to create an ambience. And as it is also the festival season, go in for scents like cinnamon, lavender, vanilla, eucalyptus, fruity, which is sure to bring in the vibe.


Just because you are away from home, let it not stop you from decorating your space for the festivities that are approaching. decorating is a nice way to divert yourself from a mundane routine. It can be rejuvenating. Come, let us begin by putting up your Christmas tree or making one, and decorations with some festive music.


Apart from the ready decorations available, you can try your hands on some artistic easy to do decorations like paper spiral or angel, star, wreath, snowman, etc. There are budget-friendly and apt for a small personal space.

So, guys, if you are overwhelmed with studies or work, or missing the feeling of being home during this season, get your house decorated by trying the above tips. It is sure to make you feel relaxed and put on a smile on your face.