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The Culture Of Innovators

Househat is all about helping bring people to where’s best for them.

Through passion and commitment, we’ve created a great workspace where you can feel comfortable in your own ideas as we channel them towards providing adequate student housing across the UK. You’re welcome on board if you share the same vision as we do.

We encourage an environment that can both be educational and fun - You’ll love it. Also there’s this feeling of goodness knowing you’ve helped another student/ resident to a comfortable living space.

Values We Flex

We are all about crystal clear transactions

Raising woke and conscious leaders who bring their A game

Our good reputation has been one of our strengths.

Providing options for different skill sets

Team Spirit:
When we all come together, nothing can stop us. Unlock your innovation with others.

A Chance That Can Shape Your Future.

Your Attitude Towards Your Work Ethic Reflects Beyond Our Requirements Or Job Description. We Seek Applicants That Come From A Get Things done Mindset. Enhance Your Interpersonal Skills And Exposure In A Fast Paced Yet Stress Free Work Culture, Check Out Our Vacancies!

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