Overcoming Adversity: Struggle makes you strong, stay positive!

We all face difficulties at some point in our lives, regardless of who we are. While overcoming adversity isn’t easy, there are actions you can do to make even the most difficult challenges more tolerable.

As students, it takes more than optimism to get excellent scores.

– 08 November 2021

Things you should know as an international student in UK!

Starting with university in the UK as an international student in the academic year 2021/2022 may be a little more daunting than it was before 2019. According to recent studies, the majority of international students are undergraduates, therefore this could be you!

– 04 October 2021

Finding Part-time Jobs for International Students in Oxford

Studying in the UK is expensive, with some of the highest tuition fees in the world and one of the most expensive countries to live in.

It is possible to acquire a part-time work as an international student in the UK that does not compromise with your education. In reality, you can use the extra income to cover some living expenses while still gaining important work experience that will help you advance in your career.

– 15 September 2021

Recreational activities to freshen up your mind

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on our lives. Many of us are faced with difficulties that can be stressful, upsetting, and trigger powerful emotions. Safety measures like social distancing are vital to stop COVID-19 from spreading, but they can make us feel lonely and isolated, as well as cause anxiety and depression.

– 09 August 2021

How to Be Sustainable in College: 18 Green Tips for Students

Talk about saving the planet is commonplace nowadays. But is climate change really that important? You might think that one person’s actions couldn’t possibly have an effect on the overall situation, especially since there’s so much waste being produced every hour. However, it’s incredible how small steps can become giant leaps!

– 24 June 2021

In focus: How to stay away from property scams in UK

You’ve started a new job that is far from where you’re currently living. After considering the time spent commuting, daily travel expenses, and post-work me-time, you decide to relocate to a property closer to the workplace. During your property search, you encounter a man who introduces himself as the landlord (but is a tenant who is supposed to leave). He shows you the property and successfully convinces you that everything is in order. The deposit is then collected upfront from you. On the day you decide to move into your new home, you discover that you have been duped.

– 18 June 2021


Every international student’s transition to a new country is challenging since there are so many details to sort out. With all of the stress that comes with this type of situation, you may find yourself paying less attention to your health than usual.

The impacts of adjusting to the new diet, a foreign environment, and homesickness might worsen existing health problems.

– 3 May 2021

How To Prepare For Remote Online Exams?

Did you ever imagine that one day you’d be required to take your exams from home?

It can be difficult to prepare for a remote online exam, especially with all of the COVID 19 news swirling around. Not to mention the distractions you face at home. It is also a relatively new concept that is here to stay. Preparing yourself to continue adapting to the new normal is essential.

– 5 April 2021

How and why to stay physically healthy while at home

Many people’s movements have been limited as a result of the strict restrictions imposed to prevent overcrowding due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This has confined people to their homes. Staying at home for an extended period of time can be dangerous because you become physically inactive. Sleeping, eating, working, and being hooked to mobile devices are all part of our everyday routine. Being physically healthy is necessary for a quality life and successful well-being.

– 1 March 2021

Mental Health - How it affects students

As said by an American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Health is wealth”. In recent times, mental health has become a dominant issue. Unlike physical health, mental health has caused drastic changes and cannot be seen with your bare eyes. Ignoring this can lead to severe damages that can destroy a person’s life. Hence, spreading awareness and educating the youth or working professionals has become the need of the hour especially with the pandemic that hit us terribly all of a sudden.

– 20 February 2020

Top 6 places to visit in Oxford

Nestled in the central-southern part of England, is a city known for its ancient building structures and friendly atmosphere – Oxford. Once in Oxford, the most practical way to explore the beauty within is either by foot or bicycle. The city is bestowed with excellent facilities that include schools, shopping, great restaurants, entertainment, and historical architecture.

– 18 January 2020


Winter is here! Let us welcome the chilly mornings and breezy evenings by sipping a cup of hot chocolate and delicious delicacies. Say hello to the colourfully decorated streets, fun activities and entertainment for the holiday season, candid walks with your loved ones, a bonfire with music, and peaceful sleep.
As we prep to deal with the temperature drop by sporting some warm outfits, it is also necessary to have a cosy home environment, as it is a place, we will be spending most of our time. Along with winter, the holiday season has begun.

– 2 December 2020


Moving off to college is one of the most exciting times in the life of any student! You ‘re not just feeling your newfound freedom. As a first-time college student, managing your new normal while balancing learning, studying, socializing, and even sometimes working, can be a challenge. Choosing whether to stay on campus or off-campus is one of the main concerns faced by college students and we are here to help you weigh your options and make the decision that’s best for you. So, let’s get to it and take a look at student accommodations.

– 13 November 2020


As you would expect, while operating a foreign bank account in the UK, specific charges will apply to any withdrawals and transactions you make. In addition, opening a bank account in the UK will help you to have better control of your personal funds, as there will be no need to consider the currency exchange rate.If you are a student who plans on working while studying, an account with the local bank will be very useful. Now that we accept that it’s necessary for you as an international student to open a bank account in the UK, you probably wonder.

– 18 October 2020


One of the students’ most popular problems isn’t really knowing what to do about their finances. Being a student is the very first experience of having to deal with one’s own money problems for most people and no one is born with an intuitive understanding of how to do that. But if you’re a student and you’re struggling to hit the ends – don’t pretend to be ashamed, you ‘re not alone. Here are some methods for cutting down on unnecessary expenses. Follow these tips, and hopefully you’ll save some money in the process

– 13 September 2020


The UK is one of the most popular study destinations in the world, and each year tens of thousands of students enrol in universities to live, learn and work in the capital.

Despite being one of the most expensive places in the world to live as a student, Oxford more than makes up for it by offering stellar education and networking opportunities, excellent transport, culture, travel and entertainment.

– 10 August 2020