As part of our company motto and promise, we are committed to not only finding new clients but building and maintaining relationships with the ones we have worked in past. We do our best to accommodate your personal needs and preferences for the place you would like to stay.  We create a stress-free environment by providing the comfortable details one looks for in their own homes.

Our team is enthusiastic about every aspect of your living needs and are dedicated to ensuring that we provide proper services to our clients. Team Househat is involved in all the issues affecting our tenants and the landlords.

Househat works with a variety of different clients from all walks of life and our administration business is established on the norms of diligent work, integrity, transparency and straightforwardness.


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Bills Included


Maintenance Included


Team Househat believes everyone has a different and better way to live, it is just not about sharing a house, it’s about living a lifestyle and making memories.
The majority of our properties offer a complete range of maintenance facilities including bills, Bi-cleaning and a 
safer environment to make your life easier.

Residents can enjoy amazing views of their surroundings, spacious bedrooms, victorian bathrooms and stylish communal area with a space to relax in the evenings. We offer high-speed Wi-fi to stay connected with your loved ones and for personal enjoyment. The rent payment covers all the utilities to relieve the headache or worry of additional bills. We provide a custom made tailored package as per our clientele needs.

Not only this, our honest market assessments and tailored searches are what keeps us fresh and set us apart from the competition.



At Househat, we believe that by working closely with the clients to understand their particular needs and priorities, we can better express encouragement to their speculations with certainty and protection.

We want to create a service that aims to take care of its tenants and ensure that the properties of our owners are looked after with absolute care.

Househat is ideal for both International Students and Working Professionals. We offer extensively managed service across Oxfordshire. We go to lengths to make sure that all our tenants are safe and delighted during their stay and assure to promote a secure environment that values diversity.